What is whole boby cryotherapy?

whole boby cryotherapyIt is all about a patient’s exposure to extreme temperatures ranging between –120°C and –160°C for a period going from 1 to 3 minutes. This exposure results in the change on the subject’s hormonal and biochemical effects, improving considerably its predispositions to analgesia – in other words: to the relief of body pains – while acting as a powerful psychic stimulator.
One session makes it possible to eliminate the feeling of tiredness, to soften tired and strained muscles, as well as intensifying   blood flow in teguments and internal organs. Moreover, one notes a reduction in oedema, due to an increase in the subject’s body of anti-inflammatory and healing hormones.

Thus, cryotherapy is an excellent complement in the treatment of various affections of   locomotive organs, of neurological diseases, in the soothing of post-traumatic or post-operative states. It is an effective help with the rehabilitation of great pain suffering patients, or presenting marked muscular spasticity.
This type of treatment also has very good effects in sports medicine or in the complement of high level sport training. Times of recovery are reduced and the feelings of pain following an intense effort or shocks are clearly diminished.
There are two types of cryotherapy currently distinguished.  Both cases are clearly defined as being a question of   complimentary therapy, which are integrated in other cycles of care or training in high level sportsmen programs.
The first type is called the «Cryo-bath» and consists in a specific use of a cryotherapy cabin after an effort, a training session, or within the scheduled program of reshaping.
The second type is called a complete cryotherapy, and consists generally in a once or twice a day succession, or more, of "Cryo-baths", without exceeding 21 days and three-months-stop between each cryogenic cycle (the recommendations of the prescriber are to be followed in all cases). This type of therapy by the cold is indicated in the event of heavy pathology and in complement of medical care or of kinesitherapy. 

In all cases, the effects due to the stay in the cryotherapy cabin are maintained from 6 to 8 hours time.