he 2–3 person CRYOGENIC CHAMBER fuelled by liquid nitrogen and composed of a chilled preliminary chamber and main chamber.

This CRYOGENIC CHAMBER received Europeen Medical Certification Class 2B.

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The cryogenic chamber has been designed based on experience gained in the production and use of one person cryogenic cabins for whole body cryotherapy – so called “cryosaunas”, many proven solutions and much experience is applied to this design.
The cold source of the cryogenic chamber is the evaporation is the low temperature generator of liquid nitrogen supplied from an external cryogenic pressure vessel.
The applied chilling system and control system allow the setting and maintaining of the required therapy temperatures in the range of – 100 °C to -140 °C, whereas in the preliminary chamber temperatures are in the range of – 40°C to -60 °C. The treatment time is also regulated in the range of 1 ~ 3 min. It is possible to individually set the temperature and treatment time of each group of patients.

Patients having treatment enter the cryogenic chamber dressed in bathing costume/ cotton is best/ in warm, cotton slippers and gloves, covering for the head and appropriate mask/ these items are not included in this offer/. Initially they enter the preliminary chamber, and when the set time has past they enter the main chamber.

The cryogenic chamber is a pair of chambers – the preliminary chamber and the main chamber. In the vestibule, preliminary chamber the nominal treatment temperature is in the range – 40°C to -60 °C, whereas in the main chamber it is set in the range of – 120°C to -140 °C.

The cryogenic chamber has many virtues, of which the most important are:
- low investment costs,
- low usage and service costs,
- few local requirements,
- simple service,
- visual and auditory contact with patients during treatment,
- possibility of setting temperature and time of treatment individually for each group of patients,
- claustrophobia sufferers may be treated,
- patient safety.

Overall cryogenic chamber dimensions

  • Width    /with cabin doors closed/
  • Width    /with cabin doors open/
  • Depth /with technical room/
  • Overall height   





Chamber weight

~ 1500




Nominal electricity requirement



Electricity supply





Temperature range in main chamber / set /

-120¸ -140


Producer recommended main chamber temperature



Producer recommended preliminary chamber temperature

- 60


Cryogenic chamber freezing time / start /



Patient time in main chamber / set by operator /

1 ÷ 3


Patient time preliminary chamber / set by operator /

1 ÷ 3


Cryogenic chamber automatic regeneration time





Freezing the cryogenic chamber



During session duration

~ 2,5



The process of chilling the CRYOCHAMBERS takes about 10 minutes. During this time the main chamber is chilled to a temperature of -120 °C, and the preliminary chamber to a temperature of -60 °C.
The end of the chilling process is signalled by a buzzer. The cryogenic chambers are empty during chilling. The chilling process is conducted only once for a cycle of treatments. 2. Duration time of cryogenic treatments. During this process, appropriately dressed 2-person groups enter initially the preliminary chamber, and next the main chamber, where they participate in whole body therapy.
During the treatment session the temperature in the main chamber is reduced to the range of –100 to –140 °C. treatment participants are initially in the preliminary chamber and afterwards in the main chamber for a maximum of 3 minutes / the recommended session duration time is 1.5 minutes.

CRYOCHAMBER regeneration / drying /
During this process the preliminary chamber is heated and moisture is removed, from the main chamber and from the low temperature generators. Regeneration takes about 120 minutes.
Regeneration is done with the chambers empty at the end of the session cycle.

Local requirements
The cryogenic chamber installed in a room of not less than L x B x H = 4.5 x 3.5 x 2.8 m.
A supply of electricity: 230V/50 Hz of power 3 kW / with 16A fused plug /, is necessary for connection to the technical cell of the cryogenic chamber.
It is recommended that the cryogenic chamber be placed in a separate room, with no uncontrolled access by “third” persons. Only the operator and patients may be in this room. The room should be used for no other purpose.
There should be no pools, hydro massage equipment or any equipment significantly increasing dampness in the room directly adjacent to cryogenic chamber.

There should be a drain to the mains drainage from the floor of the room where the cryogenic chamber will be installed, under where the technical cell will be.

- two openings of diameter ~13 cm to ventilate the cell, openings 20 to 25 cm / from axis,
- external opening of diameter ~10cm to conduct the cryogenic installation connecting the chamber with the external liquid air vessel.
There should also be efficient mechanical ventilation operating in the cryogenic chamber room, which ensures not less than 6 room volume air changes daily.

Cryogenic pressure vessel
The cold source of the cryogenic chamber is the evaporation in the low temperature generator liquid nitrogen from the exterior cryogenic pressure vessel.

There are available cryogenic vessels of various sizes and capacities, the choice depends mainly on the number of sessions provided / use of gas /. The lease cost and the unit price of liquid nitrogen is negotiated individually. Because of the low gas requirement, the 6 tonne pressure vessel is recommended.